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Our innovative janitorial bidding software is your winning edge!

CleanGuidePro wins those Janitorial Bids!

Features Just a few of the highlights, features and benefits of CleanGuidePro...

CleanGuidePro Online Janitorial Bidding

Intuitive and Affordable!

Unlimited, ready-to-deliver Janitorial, Construction Clean and Residential proposals.   You're guided step-by-step through the bid creation process (which includes written and video Help and Tips, plus lots of demo and sample bids).   At an unmatched low monthly price!

Customizable proposals!

Rearrange, include or exclude any of our standard janitorial proposal section templates.   Or design your own.   Also, include photos/logos/images on any page and/or upload additional supporting documents (for example, Proof of Insurance).

Used Everywhere!

By popular demand, we've expanded!   From America to Austrialia, janitorial professionals worldwide are creating winning proposals with CleanGuidePro!   The system can compute in Square Feet or Square Meters and display currency in Dollars ($), Euros (€) or Pounds(£).

Facility Types Galore!

Choose from dozens of building and facility types, from small to large!   Plus combination facilities like Office/Warehouse!

Thorough job specifications!

Building-specific areas and cleaning specifications are generated for your convenience in every janitorial proposal.   Add, edit, rearrange or delete these areas and tasks as you see fit.   Or create your own.

CleanGuidePro Online Janitorial Bidding

Amazingly reactive pricing!

You've never priced like this!   Any change to the Workloading and Pricing screen instantly recalculates the entire page, allowing you to easily play "what if" with the bid price.  (We appreciate all of the positive feedback on this screen!)

CleanGuidePro Online Janitorial Bidding

Construction & Residential!

We heard you!   In addition to Janitorial proposal creation, our members asked for Construction Cleanup and Residential bids.   And then Apartment Move Out bids.   We're constantly working to expand our features...

CleanGuidePro Online Janitorial Bidding

Specialty Work!

Special requests?   Not a problem.   CleanGuidePro includes standard on-request janitorial specialty jobs (such as floor scrubbing and waxing, carpet cleaning, etc.).    Detailed pricing tips included.

CleanGuidePro Online Janitorial Bidding

Supply Sales!

Exceed expectations and offer customer consumable supply items (such as paper towels and bathroom soap) in any of your janitorial proposals.   CleanGuidePro provides a list of supplies that you can edit and price as you see fit.

You'll love the handy At-a-Glance button!

All throughout the bid creation process, you can click the At-a-Glance icon to invoke a pop-up box that displays summary information about a bid.  Especially useful when reviewing your "My Bid List" master screen.

CleanGuidePro Online Janitorial Bidding

Advanced user?  We have unique advanced options!

If, unlike most folks, you choose to build your own proposal templates from scratch, feel free to use the "My Data" drop-down list to insert data placeholders (such as <Insert Bid Price Here>) on any page.

Bonus material: Pre-Bid and Marketing!

As a free bonus, CleanGuidePro includes additional pre and post bid help in the form of a Pre-bid Walkthrough section (with form and tips) and a Marketing section (sample letters/brochures).

Written and Video Help!

CleanGuidePro Janitorial Bidware is very intuitive, but there's lots of help - both written and/or video - on every screen.   Plus you can contact our support team!

CleanGuidePro Online Janitorial Bidding

Lots of Examples!

CleanGuidePro's Sample Bid section contains over 3 dozen demo janitorial bids (of various types of buildings) for you to explore.

Tips from a 25 year pro!

On most screens you can click on one or more of Drake's Tips (both business and pricing related).   Who's Drake?   Check out the About page...

Nothing to install!

Access our online web-based software 24/7 from any computer.   No software to install or upgrade.

No long term commitments!

No long term contracts.   Convenient monthly plan that can be cancelled at any time with one click.

Safe and Secure!

All code developed and maintained by a U.S. staff.   All data stored and backed up using state-of-the-art security measures (on U.S. servers).

Screenshots Take a look at a small sampling of CleanGuidePro screens (all of which can be viewed in any of our 24 color themes)...

  • So easy to use!

    We begin with a flexible user experience; Every screen in the system can easily be accessed from every other screen.   And then we threw in 24 color themes for fun...

  • So organized!

    No matter how many janitorial bids you've created, you can quickly sort, search, add, edit, delete or copy them from one convenient spot - the "My Bid List" screen.

  • Step by step!

    CleanGuidePro guides you through 7 steps - (2 are optional) - to quickly create a beautiful janitorial proposal.  Of course, you may also work on these tabs in any order you choose...

  • Price to Win!

    CleanGuidePro's unique janitorial pricing section enables you to quickly explore multiple pricing scenarios and arrive at your optimal bid price with confidence.

  • Custom proposals!

    Edit and/or rearrange the standard janitorial bid sections any way that you desire. Use the included pop-up editor (with image uploader)...

  • Specialty Work!

    The Specialty Work screen includes typical on-request janitorial specialty jobs (i.e. floor waxing and carpet cleaning).   Plus pricing tips.

  • Supply Sales!

    CleanGuidePro provides a list of customer consumable supply items that you can include in your janitorial bids.   Or add your own.

  • Pre-bid & Marketing

    We give you bonus tools and tips to help you before you even produce the first bid.   i.e. Pre-bid Walk-thru Form and Marketing Materials.

Sample Proposal

Sure, we're proud of our janitorial bidding software, but what truly matters is what it produces - your proposal!   We have a standard set of janitorial proposal pages that we populate for you, but you're not limited to those.   You can truly have it your way!   And then you can save, print, e-mail and/or reuse the proposal...   By the way, did we mention that it comes with an indexed Table of Contents?


Pricing An all inclusive plan offered at an unbeatable price!

Janitorial Basic
$ 24.95 Per Month

The Basic package includes:

  • Unlimited Janitorial Bid creation
  • Dozens of demo sample bids
  • Pre-bid Walk-through tips & form
  • Marketing tips & materials
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Clean Guide Pro - Online Janitorial Bidding And Estimating Software
Janitorial Plus
$ 34.95 Per Month

The Plus package includes:

  • Unlimited Janitorial Bid creation
  • Dozens of demo sample bids
  • Pre-bid Walk-through tips & form
  • Marketing tips & materials
  • Specialty Work screen
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Clean Guide Pro - Online Janitorial Bidding And Estimating Software
Janitorial Ultra - $44.95
$ 24.95 Per Month

The Ultra package includes:

  • Unlimited Janitorial, Construction
               and Residential Bid creation
  • Dozens of demo sample bids
  • Pre-bid Walk-through tips & form
  • Marketing tips & materials
  • Specialty Work screen
  • Supply Sales module
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Pricing Fun Fact


Clean Guide Pro - Online Janitorial Bidding And Estimating Software


CleanGuidePro's Janitorial Bidware was launched in January 2013 and our initial goal was twofold:

  1. Have our customers say, "How did I ever get along without this tool?"

  2. And price it so that no janitorial business owner would ever have to get along without it...

Since then, we've been thrilled and humbled to hear from folks (all around the world!) who are stunned by the software's ability to do so much while costing so little.   How do we do it?   In a word, focus.  Well that, plus our secret sauce:  State-of-the-art Business Rules Configuration Technology that enables our developmental efficiency to be passed along to you in our unmatched low pricing!